Lain Rewatch & Future Articles

Hey everyone, I see that my blog has gotten quite a bit of traffic from some other parts of the world (Thanks to everyone who spread the word of my blog through other sites!) I apologize for not having written more in the last few days or so, but I have kind of run out of well thought out (or in the case of my Shrek article, fun) articles to write for now.

So in an effort to pour some fuel on the fire I have rewatched my favorite show of all time, Serial Experiments Lain. But this time instead of simply watching I also did something I’ve never done before – I took a whole lot of notes. After counting it out I think it came to around fourteen thousand words of notes. Some of it is explaining what’s going on in the show, some of it is my interpretation, and some of it is just small observations. I also took about 300 screenshots to use in future articles.

My dilemma is this, however – I don’t want to publish 13 new blog posts for the fear of over saturating my blog in one day and I feel like waiting 13 weeks to release all of the notes would be pointless too (although I haven’t ruled something like that out). So what I may do is try to write some unique articles on certain aspects of Lain and sprinkle in my notes there, or just put the notes and the screenshots in a zip file and publish them on the site for anyone who wants to read at their pleasure.

Sorry I don’t have much else to say in this post, but I thought I’d give you an update! My head’s still kind of reeling from the end of Lain so I haven’t tried to write much beyond my notes for today. I’ll hopefully have my first Lain related article out this week! Have a nice day everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lain Rewatch & Future Articles

  1. Hey if you still have that zip and are willing to share it then I’d be up for trading notes with you (don’t tell the teacher!) as I go along and pick apart this show as well, I just finished my rough first draft of notes on the first episode but in a couple weeks I should be able to send you something. Feel free to hoard them to yourself but I just thought that being able to smash heads might help each of us notice things we didn’t before. Cheers regardless and keep up the good work!


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