Update of the Opinions

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since my last article and for that I apologize. I should be writing a bit more instead of just putting it off; I’ve mostly just been watching weekly shows and wondering about what my next topic would be. Lain is indeed a topic that would produce many more articles but if I write too much about it too fast I think I’ll get burned out on the subject and not feel like writing any more for a LONG time.

So for a short post, here’s an update. It’s May 2nd today. My next convention is in about a month and a half and HOPEFULLY I’ll get my panel(s) that I’m supposed to be running accepted; I submitted about seven but I know for a fact I’ll be dropping one and I don’t know which other ones will get accepted. So when they do I’ll be sure to make another post about that.

In addition, my blog posts are probably going to follow a similar pattern to the panels I’m running; if a panel gets accepted at a con I’m going to try and form it into a blog post so I can share it with everyone on here and so I can have a “text” version of my panel, if you will. On that same note, if/when I make any more blog posts about subjects I haven’t ran panels on I’ll probably try to make a panel about that. So some ideas for future articles (that may or may not already be panels) could be:

1. More Lain articles, obviously. Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Technology… there’s many subjects.

2. An article on Makoto Shinkai’s style/themes/etc.

3. An article on the themes and symbols of 5 Centimeters Per Second

4. A Toradora article focusing on characterization

5. Philosophy in Haibane Renmei, once I polish that a bit more/do more research.

Thanks for all those who continue to check up. The summer should kick things back into gear a bit; I’ll have more cons to go to and therefore more ideas to work with.

Bye for now!


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