Anime Midatlantic: Post Con Thoughts

Got back from Anime Midatlantic. Took a few pictures, went to a few panels, had a good time.


CONGRATULATIONS. From my Evangelion Fan Panel.

Unfortunately there were some issues, like two of the “panel rooms” being outside, meaning we had to sit (albeit in tents) outside in the constant 30°C+ temperature, with huge amounts of humidity. Also, the generators keeping fans going kept us from being able to hear the panelists. Also also, the projectors got too hot to work. Also also also, hardly any panelists ever had the proper equipment set up (regardless of being inside or outside).

Also, the dealers’ hall had nothing I was really interested in. I saw a Chuunibyou box set collector’s edition (which are pretty much the only physical DVD copies I want of anything) but it was 130 USD “20% off” which still would have made it 104 USD. I went on Amazon and found the exact same thing for 85 USD. Plus, the store selling it was not getting any of my money for other reasons. There were only TWO vendors selling DVDs and stuff so I was disappointed. Of course, no one had Yoshitoshi ABe artbooks or Makoto Shinkai artbooks either.

I could say that the panels sucked but they just didn’t interest me. I took part in a 64 person smash 4 tournament and made it to top 8 so I’m okay with that, considering it was my first one (Little Mac is bae). Spent a fair amount of time in the video game hall, played Project Diva for the first time and was tempted to just straight up buy a Vita (I’m not going to). Played plenty of Smash 4 and Rock Band 3 too.

My Evagelion fan panel was a success again, and I got a video of two Shinji cosplayers sitting in the middle of a semi-circle while everyone clapped and said “congratulations”. However no Asuka cosplayers showed up and I was disappointed.

The speedrunning panel was at 2:00 PM on a Sunday and for those who know of conventions, you know the con is fairly dead by that point. I still had about 10 people stay through the whole thing which I appreciated. I wish I had gotten more than two panels but I won’t complain.

Other than that I attended some really cool panels, some I had seen before and some I hadn’t. I got to hear about the two brand new never-before-seen English vocaloids, Zex and Daina, and got to hang out with some people I hardly ever see. Went to go eat Sushi, explored Chesapeake a little bit, survived the heat. I might just go back again next year, if more of my panels get accepted next time.

The only other issue I had was getting back, which required me to leave at 8:00 PM on Sunday and not get home until 12:30 AM because of construction on I-95 N which held up traffic for 4 miles and added an hour. So right now I’m pretty tired, since I had to wake up for work.

Well… I wrote more about this than I thought I would. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend though, I’d say the drive down was worth it in the end. I didn’t want to wait for another month and a half to go to Otakon.


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