Paul Blart vs. Homura Akemi







Hey everyone.

This idea is about a month old now and it’ll probably be the worst (best) thing I’ve ever written, but someone planted the idea in my head a while ago that Homura Akemi and Paul Blart were comparable characters. Now, because I like to draw stupid comparisons I started thinking about whether this was a viable comparison and like YKA vs. Shrek I saw at least a hint of potential. So here’s some ramblings about how these two characters are totally related to each other. Totally.

So let’s start with the looks, since you’ve made the mistake of continuing to read this post. One of these characters is a dark haired, stunning, perfect human being, who seems to be able to freeze time with one look, and the other is a magical girl from the show Puella Magi Madoka Magica. No but really, there’s not a whole lot to compare here. The two of them are just about as different as different can be, but thankfully the comparisons don’t have to be external. What matters most is what’s on the inside.

Firstly, we have Paul Blart. A “loser” in the way the movie portrays him. He lives with his mother and has a single daughter, he is hypoglycemic which causes him to pass out randomly, and he’s a MALL COP, who rides around on a segway and pretends to use a gun to threaten people. Plus, his appearance wouldn’t scare off any potential enemies anyway. All in all, an unassuming hero even though from the beginning of the movie you know he’s going to be the one to save the day.

Which actually draws an interesting contrast between the two. From the beginning of Madoka you see that Homura seems to be kicking ass all on her own, giving the viewer the impression that she would be the one to take on the big bad and win the day. Obviously as time goes on we see  that is not the case. But importantly we get a look into Homura’s backstory as well. She was a shy girl who had barely any confidence in her ability to make friends or her abilities as a magical girl and had to train and improvise, using weapons like guns and bombs where her companions were using magical bullshit.

And this is where we can begin to compare. Both of these two start off as the loser characters. Homura may be cute with the twin tails and glasses, which is something that would be terrifying on Blart, but they were both the “underdogs.” Homura, at least as Moemura, wouldn’t have dreamed that she would have been able to take on the Walpurgisnacht when she started out. Similarly, while Blart wanted to be a hotshot, he realizes at first that he is outmatched, only rushing in when he is goaded by his bully.

The means of attack are similar as well. Homura could stop time which is an overpowered ability by any stretch of the imagination but without any magical weapons to harm the witches she had to improvise, taking guns and bombs to do all the damage for her. Blart was in a similar situation. He only had the element of surprise on his side and no access to guns or explosives. Both their enemies were numerous degrees more difficult than they were. So they had to rely on their wit (in Blart’s case a lot of which was luck and such).

So what else is there? How about the ones they’re trying to protect? Blart’s mission is to protect and serve the people of his mall (which then later became a rescue mission) and Homura’s mission was specifically to protect Madoka. But they had to face insane odds to do it. They were both trying to protect the ones they loved and… well, I guess you could say both of them were successful in a way, though Homura much less so.

Even to go so far as the ending, both characters had to almost succumb to their fate until their friend came along and helped them in the end. With Homura it was Madoka who made the ultimate sacrifice, with Blart it was Chief Brooks, Blart’s boss, who put a bullet in the bad guy.

On top of all this, the two characters had faced enormous amounts of suffering. Obviously. Blart had grown up his whole life being bullied in school, bullied by his coworkers, and even bullied by the bad guys when they showed up. But yet he persevered in the face of adversity and made sure to do his duty, even going as far as to stick around and reject the job he was so keen to get earlier on in the series. And, well, Homura suffered a lot too. Looping back over and over again for countless days and realizing that she was powerless to do anything against the Big Bad. Having Madoka transform and losing her to the cosmos (although some other stuff happened afterwards). At some point, you just want to give both of them a hug and tell them everything will be daijobu.

So in the end, are the two of these characters really so different? They both accomplished so much against terrible odds and both had to suffer and face all different kinds of challenges throughout their lives and throughout the course of each of their stories. Who had it worse? Who’s to say. Homura DID end up alone in the end but Blart is still a mall cop, so I’m not sure which one is worse off. Anyway, thanks again for reading my ramblings. I’m hoping this one will go over as well as my previous comparison article did. It was fun to write, even if it’s silly and or dumb. I’ll be back with a more serious article sooner rather than later thanks to my panels.


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