Anime USA 2015 – Post Con Thoughts


Another year, another Anime USA. This year I was really excited to go to the con. I hadn’t been to one since Otakon so I was eager to get back to my favorite part of the anime fandom/community. Plus, I had to prepare for six panels which is definitely the most intense preparation I’ve ever had. There was a lot I was doing the con so I think I’ll explain all that.

First off were the panels. I think I went to about 10, which some scattered attendance here and there. And those 10 definitely included my own 6. It was odd though – as I did my 6 panels, I didn’t really feel like I had “done as much” as some other cons even though that was 6 hours worth of work, essentially.

Toradora was one of the first panels of the con on Friday. I got through it easy and got a good recording of myself. No fuss, no nothing. Ran for about 53 minutes and I’m satisfied with everything I was able to include.

When Subtitles go Wrong was next, and unfortunately that one was a little more messy. I had added more material so I thought I was fine on time. Turns out I blew threw it much too quickly; maybe in the future I’ll remember to slow down with it a little bit. Also had some tech difficulties with the sound.

Jojo’s Influential Adventure came up third, at 10 in the morning on Saturday. For such an “early” panel I packed out a panel room with people sitting on the floor. That panel went a lot better than I thought it would. I managed to have some video content left over as well.

The Garden of Words and Lessons worked out pretty well. Probably the lowest number of attendees but it was almost lecture-esque so I understand that. Still hoping to do a panel on 5 CM Per Second some time in the future.

Evangelion Fan Panel was fun as always. We were packed into a small conference room but we still got 25 people in there, about. Unfortunately we had to run up against the cosplay burlesque which drew a majority of the attendees that night. All in all it worked out better than I thought it would’ve given the space.

Lastly, the Good Shows panel gave me a scare. I had a presentation, it just wasn’t the 70 slide presentation I thought I had saved. It was 28 slides. Thankfully I had watched every show I suggested and was able to draw from my memory on each show so I reached an hour just fine.

Among the other panels I went to were the Feminism and Magical Girls panel, the Speedrunning panel, the “Extra Hour in the Ball Pit” panel (it was just a lot of yelling about cons for an hour), and the Panelist Community Discussion panel. They were all very good and I’m glad I went to each one.

As for the other parts of the con – unfortunately I wimped out on Friday night and went to bed at about midnight. I was kind of wiped and while my mind was awake my body was telling me “stop”. Slept alright both nights, it’s very worth it to pay some extra money to have the bed to yourself.

I never really felt “bored” this con. There was probably an hour or two I was wandering around without knowing what to do, partially because I didn’t know where friends were and partially because nothing was open. Sunday was the most frustrating; I would’ve liked an excuse to stay longer but there were no panels I wanted to see, I had just escaped the dealer’s hall with the Toradora box set, and had played enough vidya.

Speaking of which, I really did enjoy the video game hall. A private vendor brought Project Diva F 2nd which was hugely popular and while there was no DDR there was Smash 4 and Melee, which I partook in quite a bit. It was nice being able to win a few games of Smash 4 playing against 7 other people.

Besides the Toradora box set, the dealer’s hall was what I came to expect of AUSA. Not too big, takes about 10 minutes to walk through, and most of it I could probably get online. I was going to get Toradora anyway online so I figured I could get it while it was a little under 100. I’m glad I have it now.

Barring talking about anything else, I’m working on missed out compensation for my panels and hopefully I’ll get it so I’m motivated to go to the con next year. I really enjoyed running 6 panels even if I was a little burnt out by the end. My voice never died so I never had to use a mic. Overall I’m extremely glad I went and enjoy most aspects about AUSA. Can’t wait to go back.

Video playlist of some of my panels from AUSA 2015 –


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