Twelve Days #1: Euphonium and KyoAni


So here’s my first post for the 12 Days of Anime thing. Today’s post is on Hibike Euphonium and my general fanboy nature towards Kyoto Animation. I really wanted to write about this a little bit because Euphonium is kind of special to me for a certain reason, besides just being an incredible show that I fell in love with for the characters and their interactions.


The first thing I want to say about this is that I’ve been a Kyoto Animation fanboy for… 8 years now? Maybe 9? When I was in middle school/going into high school, I was just learning about anime clubs. I started attending a fairly popular one with some fans a few years older than me and noticed they were watching things I had never heard of or seen. So after I started talking with some of the members, I noticed a girl someone was using as their wallpaper. “Who’s that?” I asked, enamored by her design. “Oh she’s Haruhi Suzumiya, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.”

Of course, as it does still today, all it took was a cute girl’s design to get me to watch the entire show; all in multiple parts all on YouTube and after that I was hooked on KyoAni works. Burned through Air TV, Kanon 2006, and Clannad after After Story finished up. K-ON came next; the fun, cute fluff that I yearn for in some shows I watch now. So needless to say I’ve liked their work for a long time.

Which unfortunately made it hard when they released their chain of less than stellar shows. Amagi Brilliant Park. Chuunibyou Ren. Both seasons of Free. Kyoukai no Kanata. No matter, I still kept the faith. I knew they had it in them to do good; I wasn’t about to believe that even after a 2 or 3 year period that they were “done”.

I have to admit, I really do, that when I heard about Euphonium my only hopes were that it was as fun and cute as K-ON. I didn’t really have any idea about the staff of the work or the content of the novels; just a description and a cover image. I have to say I really wasn’t expecting much from the show.

Oh man. How wrong I was. How wrong I could be, as I should have learned from Ping Pong. Lovely, wonderful characters who had one of the most natural relationships I’ve ever seen in a show. Beautiful, movie-quality animation for almost mundane things that elevated them to an emotional high. And a complete restoration in my favorite studio.

Plus I got to talk with people about it! Being able to share in the reactions (the good ones anyway) with the people of twitter was amazing. I feel bad for those who didn’t watch the show when it was airing, especially for episode 8, because AniTwitter lost its collective shit. Understandably so because of the sheer beauty that the episode gave us.

Of course I had doubts throughout the show. They had to keep it up week to week or risk throwing away what made the show good. There was the constant marvel at them pairing up Kumiko and Reina while also seemingly keeping Shuuichi in the back pocket as a “maybe”. And to be fair we still have season 2 and given some rumors about the novel’s content there’s reason to be concerned that the relationship between the two will forever be left ambiguous.

Regardless, it was nice to see my favorite studio do so well. I don’t recall if I was talking about “giving up hope” on the studio but any idea I had that they might not be able to do it anymore was dispelled, thankfully.

Yeah, they’re doing a light novel show next season. Yes, I will watch the hell out of it and probably enjoy it for the KyoAni sakuga alone. No, I don’t think that necessarily means I think it’ll be a good show or anything like that. And I may get disappointed if it turns out we’re getting Free S3 before any other KyoAni show gets an S3.

At least though while I remain an anime fan I think Hibike! Euphonium is going to serve as a good reminder as to why you should never count out Kyoto Animation; they’ve got the voice talent, the directing talent, the ability to put their own spin on stories, and will probably always have STUNNING art.

So, that’s it for today’s post. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! See you tomorrow 😀


3 thoughts on “Twelve Days #1: Euphonium and KyoAni

  1. I didn’t watch Eupho while it aired so I didn’t participate in the Twitter discussions, but it turned out to be a great watch for me anyway. It felt good to watch the show in one go and soak up the atmosphere.

    I agree that it’s definitely KyoAni’s best show in years. I’d put it on par with Chu2koi season 1, or maybe even better since it panders to my inner band nerd. (Yes, I was one of those people who participated in a concert band when I was in school.)

    All the Twitter discussions seemed to focus around Kumiko and Reina, but I felt like all the characters were impressive, no matter what role they played. Eupho is an ensemble story at its core, which makes sense since it’s about an ensemble. I hope the second season focuses more on some of the other band members because they all have so much potential.

    Anyway, good post! And yes, KyoAni makes some really good shows~ Just have faith in them~

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  2. KyoAni really had some hit or misses over the years. I actually like Amaburi, but I do agree the others you mentioned are definitely less than stellar. But when you think about it, they really have more hit than misses. Most of their Key anime are masterpieces in their own right (they do have a good source material, but still), and K-ON was a pure trendsetter like it or not. And by K-ON S2, their visual quality was like a whole different game-backgrounds, photographic scenery and all that. Now that when I think about it, Euphonium is like a culmination of everything they had accomplished so far-drama, moe/yuri subtext and improved art/animation.

    And of course, the shipping 😀 KumikoxReina is definitely the shipping of the year, and I’m still willing to see how that development goes as it’s not officially ended considering there’s season 2 and all that.


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