Twelve Days #6: The Best of the Worst

Yeah, so now that I’ve talked a lot about the best shows or my favorites from this year, it would be almost impossible to not spend at least one of these topics talking about the worst / most disappointing shows from this year, overall. Not to spend too much time on any particular one; this was a hell of a year for shows with a lot of promise that just ended up falling spectacularly flat in most if not all areas.


So I’d be remiss to not speak of one of the most promising shows of Winter 2015. Rolling Girls had such a promising premise with such a colorful cast of characters. Everything about it seemed to scream how cheerful and bright it was. Now it pains me to say this as I know certain people who appreciate this show very much, but in the end it just… it was boring to watch, most weeks, and incredibly confusing to follow.

To a lesser extent, Yoru no Yatterman was a show that I thought would be a really good subversion of hero tropes and the traditional shonen hero story line. Boy how wrong I was. Plus, it ended up being plagued by production issues towards the end, and became an extremely forgettable show that I almost regret putting time into.

Moving onto Spring 2015, Arslan Senki held quite a lot of promise as well; being written by the same guy who wrote Legend of the Galactic Heroes will kind of elevate the anticipation. Unfortunately lightning didn’t strike twice and Arslan was a two cour slogwith a cliffhanger ending of all things. Yes, season 2 was somehow announced even with the abysmal performance of season 1 but I don’t even know if I want to even try with it. But maybe my desire to see it through will be stronger than my common sense to not waste more time on it.

Then we move onto Ore Monogatari. I remember being excited for this; there was some buzz surrounding it and I thought it’d be cool to watch a shoujo show given how underrepresented they seem to be within the currently airing seasons. And it was cool! For a while. The confession early on was nice, Rinko was extremely cute, and the faces were funny. But then… it just repeated that formula for the next 24 weeks. Over and over again. Rinko and Takeo never developed any personality. The most interesting character was Sunakawa and he was sidelined when he had INTERESTING struggles. I remember catching myself wondering if we could just focus the show on him instead…

I don’t really know how much I want to talk about Kekkai Sensen in this instance. I don’t really think I had many expectations going in and didn’t really come out of it too disappointed or anything. I did like some episodes and some characters but I really didn’t give two shits about the main cast at all. So I think I’m gonna leave it at that, reserving judgement on whether it was one of “the worst” I finished.

And then of course we get to Summer 2015 where i watched all those shows. We have Rokka no Yuusha, whose best character was Flamie Speeddraw by a wide margin, for multiple reasons. It was a pretty interesting premise with some many extraneous plot elements introduced I just wondered how they were going to solve… well… anything. And then of course after the show finishes we’ve barely solved the “mystery” and season 2 gets teased. Ugh. Flat characters with maybe one or two solid moments.

Then we’ve got Manglobe’s unfortunate swan song, Gangsta. I’m not gonna lie. I was REALLY hopeful for this. I had faith in Manglobe thanks to The World God Only Knows and this premise promised something along the lines of Black Lagoon. But no. We didn’t get anything approaching Black Lagoon’s level of cool. We got power levels and one of the most shoddily thrown together stories I’ve ever seen in a one cour show. It didn’t even leave on a cliffhanger. It just left like in the middle of a scene that should’ve been a part of an episode. There was almost nothing redeeming about Gansgsta. save one or two really well done scenes and some pretty catchy music. Maybe shows like this are why I get so wary about shows like Hibike! Euphonium or Ping Pong: The Animation.

So yeah. 2015 had quite a few promising shows that ended up doing nothing but bringing some disappointment. And these are all only the shows I completed from start to finish… I won’t even get into Aldnoah.Zero S2, or those that I dropped like that poor show that was trying so hard to capitalize on Haruhi Suzumiya. Of course there are shows like UBW that I am mostly undecided on as well… but that is for another conversation. Anyway, thanks for reading, see you all tomorrow!


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