Twelve Days #7: Best Characters of 2015

Today’s topic is gonna be about characters since I’ve spent quite a bit of time already talking about shows and the like. I’m sure a few of you might already have an idea of what characters I’m going to talk about thanks to how much I’ve shown love for them over the last few posts but I think this topic almost deserves to have its own post.


Again I’ll start with Winter 2015 and try not to go too far off the rails here with it. And I can’t cover that season without of course talking about Maria from Junketsu no Maria. Beautiful design, cute personality, a character struggle I found very compelling… there’s not much competition here. She’s probably close to my favorite for the year if not the favorite straight out.

There’s also Katou from How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. A very apathetic character inserted into a show with plenty of other trope characters. Even though SaeKano was being an “ironic” harem I’m not gonna lie I liked seeing this kind of approach to it. Having the main girl be almost uninterested or going along with plans just to appease the main character was certainly one way to look at how character relationships are sometimes treated in anime.

Moving onto Spring 2015 we get to Hibike! Euphonium which has the only two characters I’d consider contenders for my favorite characters of the year: Kumiko and Reina. And no, it’s not just because they were obviously in love with each other. It’s because both of their characters stories were compelling enough to feel for and the way their friendship/relationship played out in the end was one of the most natural progressions I have seen in the time I’ve been watching anime.

There’s a few other choices I could put here but I don’t know that I actually feel strongly about any of their characters. Most of the cast of Kiniro Mosaic S2 was enjoyable, especially Karen Kujo, but I don’t know how she’d hold up against other characters just from this season if I was to make a “top 25” list even. There were characters like White and Aligula from Kekkai Sensen that I would’ve LOVED to see more of… but given the show, couldn’t. And then there was Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches in which we got a few strong main characters, but also some side characters that I would’ve liked to know more about without having to delve into the manga.

Going into Summer 2015, my first obvious choice given everything I watched would have to still be Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds Insight. Still the symbol of all that is good she managed to become the real hero of the show in the end. Even if she speaks in vague terms sometimes and doesn’t always act until shit is really going wrong watching a main character who always tries to spin things positively is nice every once in a while.

Beyond all the other characters that I liked for simpler reasons, the other one I liked for more than looks was Kaede Kagayama from Non Non Biyori: Repeat. I think all of the characters are all wonderful in their own rights but Candy Store (as she’s called) managed to have such a heartwarming relationship with Renge in the show. Watching her help Renge learn how to ride a bike is probably one of my favorite scenes of the year (which I don’t think I’ll be doing a post on, so many scenes to remember).

And to end out with Fall 2015, I think my favorite character is still probably gonna be Shinobu Oshino from Owarimonogatari and I’m very happy that we got episodes dedicated to her. I’ll be honest, I don’t really get or watch -monogatari for the “deeper meaning” or anything like that. What exactly I like about Shinobu’s character over the others is a little hard for me to describe.

Finally for a lighter example of characters I like one needs to look no further than the cast of Is This Order a Rabbit?? Again, nothing really beyond base level here; it was my Kiniro Mosaic/Non Non Biyori of Fall 2015. It’s nice having a show where you have to use less than 0 brainpower to enjoy it. I personally think all the characters are doing a wonderful job of doing what they set out to do – be cute.

That wraps up today’s post. Not too much more to talk about in regards to characters – I actually watch quite a few shows based solely on the characters because that is almost the deciding factor in whether I’m going to keep up with a show or not. So once again I thank you all for stopping by, and thanks for reading 🙂


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