Twelve Days #11: Starting a Blog

I think this is a logical post I should have already made. Seems like it would be the obvious choice for things anime related that you’ve done this year… where as not all of my posts may have met that criteria, this one certainly does. So on the second to last day I see no better thing to post than the reason I started the blog in the first place. Also, yes, here, have a picture. A picture of Ahiru because I’ve written about Tutu before and it was one of my first posts.


So… what started my desire to have a blog? Well, I think part of it was me not wanting to just post everything on reddit. A blog is much easier to keep track of and it always has the ability to crosspost into other sites. Plus I wanted to start writing more, and thankfully was able to get out a few articles this year (the twelve days posts will inflate the number quite a bit though).

To be perfectly honest I never thought I would start a blog. I didn’t really see any reason for me to; I didn’t really write about anything and I thought that there were people better than me already writing about anime and making videos and the like. But eventually I said “screw it” and decided to make one anyway. Not for anyone else’s sake, just for my own enjoyment and entertainment.

And that’s really how I’ve always treated this blog. I do enjoy sharing my thoughts on certain subjects but for the most part this blog is just a thing that’s here for me when I want to write something down. I admire those who are able to post weekly; I do weekly threads on /r/TrueAnime still and while one is just news, the other I have to think about and the posts are usually barely over a paragraph long. So to post thousand word articles every week is something that is impressive to me.

Thankfully this blog has been able to synergize with my panel presentations quite well. The Toradora article and the Garden of Words article were invaluable for me because I was able to “present” my panel in a text format before going out and actually talking about it. After watching my recordings a little bit I definitely realize that I need to work on my presentation skills; I still say “um” and stuff like that way too much during a talk.

I am surprised at how many viewers I’ve gotten over the last 9 months though. Even after posting my Toradora article on /r/anime I never imagined that the total would blow past one, two, or even three thousand. Heck, I had written a few posts on another website as a one off thing (two clickbaity articles) and was surprised to hear that one of them had gotten five hundred views (Here is the first article, one I would like to re-do because of the inaccuracy of one of my points, and here is the second, which I think was a bit better). Shout outs to Nerd Swole for facilitating my desire to write.

Thinking on a blog for a little bit made me realize that it would probably be a good exercise in general. Writing was always probably my strongest suit but I never wanted to become a writer, journalist, reviewer, anything like that out of college, preferring the security of the IT world because my passion wasn’t really there. But thanks to word press I’m able to post in this blog without the worry of paying anything and I never really mind if there’s something written here or not.

Yeah. These are some of my disheveled thoughts about having a blog now. I don’t think I’ll have anything come of it, really. Maybe I’ll get into a writing field in IT in the future, or maybe I’ll have a side job with writing, and I’ll have this to reference as well as my weekly posts and the like. It sure as hell doesn’t hurt to have this kind of stuff unless your employer hates all forms of anime.

So, today, on Christmas Eve, I again want to thank everyone who’s gone through the effort of reading any of my posts. Some of them get long, I’m not 100% confident in my posts a lot of the time, there’s things I would have liked to have done better, but I’ve received a lot of positive support which makes me want to write more. So have a wonderful happy day, a great Christmas eve, go listen to some White Album 2 music or whatever idoru music is hip with the kids nowadays, and thanks for reading now and in the future. 😀


3 thoughts on “Twelve Days #11: Starting a Blog

  1. Well, I, for one, am glad to have you around in the blogosphere! Even if it’s periodic posting, I think it’s a really cool and important part of the online Western fandom to participate in. And your unique perspective makes your writing valuable and welcome.

    In short, I hope you continue to stick around. ^_^

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