Twelve Days #12: Anitwitter

Here it is, the final post for the 12 days of anime. Don’t know if this shoudl come as a surprise or not considering how much of a shitposter I am on twitter but I decided to write a post this time based on my (almost) full year on twitter, mostly focused on the anime side of things. Just kind of gonna word vomit a little bit here because it’s obviously a much more sentimental thing than writing about how amazing Lain or Toradora is.


Hmm… so I guess I start with “why I joined”. Well, to start that, I go back to the beginning of January, to Awesome Games Done Quick 2015. It was my second time attending the event and I realized a few days in that “hey, I have a twitter account I never use, and everyone HERE is using twitter to find each other, I should do that.” So I did that. A lot of my early photos are of me and my friends from that event.

After the event finished I unfollowed some of those people who I didn’t really talk to at the event and was kind of stuck in a weird place. I didn’t speedrun and didn’t really have plans to start but I was on twitter now. So on TrueAnime I realized that some of the users were migrating over to twitter, so I checked that out.

Of course I followed the “big name” True Anime posters and then followed some others who just came about through mutual connections. Then I just kind of… jumped in, really. I’ve never been on to be too shy online. It worked the same way on True Anime. I didn’t lurk, I just started posting a lot. It wasn’t insightful or deep but people began to know who I was.

Through the year I began to learn more about the userbase and how it differed from other fandoms. Obviously an extremely varied place with lower amounts of “circlejerking” or the like (usually). I kept on keepin’ on with it because, to be honest, it was really nice to have a place to be able to talk about currently airing shows and the like.

Throughout a lot of my high school life, when I was getting more into anime, I didn’t really have too many people to express my love of some shows with. I remember finishing Clannad and being in awe of After Story but not really having anyone to gush over it with. Constantly I’ve fawned over moe girls but almost had to hide it because… well, yeah, teenage to 20-something white guy. Even h-stuff and ecchi were things that I didn’t think I’d be able to talk about to some people with freely.

So I really, REALLY enjoyed it when I was able to find a group that shared the same passion I had. It was True Anime for a while but I’m not as engaged with them as I used to be, besides the weekly threads I post. Plus I feel like I know some twitter users better due to the amount of back and forth that goes on in such a small amount of time.

This all mostly applies to the skype group I’m in made up of anitwits too, although that group gets a bit more personal. True Anime and AniTwitter helped shape that group too though, so credit where credit is due, I suppose.

It’s also nice to have a group of people that put up with my posting even though I try to keep it somewhat under control. I dunno why but it always seems like I go for the memer persona online even though it definitely annoys people sometimes.

Anyway. Thanks for putting up with me. I have said it before but I do appreciate those who reply to me, those who favorite my posts, those who attend my panels, those who read my blog (whenever it posts) and all that good stuff. Thanks for being good people.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you’re having an awesome one.



3 thoughts on “Twelve Days #12: Anitwitter

  1. “Then I just kind of… jumped in”
    Me in a nutshell too, lol. I think it’s just easier for twitter uses to gradually get into it if you want to. Once you have some interests you want to share with other people, and start following like-minded people, you’re in.

    Have a Merry Christmas too :p


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