Katsucon 2016: Post-Con Thoughts

Note: To those who met me at the con cause of my panels, please follow on twitter if you want to talk more! I regret not being able to talk to a lot of you.

Phew. Weekend is over and I’m close to being exhausted. Today is Sunday and it was a lazy day today even though I did make the trip up and back again from the convention center but it didn’t really take as much out of me as the other two days did. Gonna write a bit on what I thought about the con this time around. Ramblings and thoughts and the like and so on.


Hm… well, I suppose I should begin with the pre-con thoughts. The panel scheduling unfortunately caused some heartache and issues among the panelists this year; we didn’t know until just a few weeks before the con that our panels had been accepted. Thankfully in my case I didn’t really need to do TOO much preparation; I had most of one presentation, could easily prepare the other, and the third required no preparation at all ever. Got everything ready on time and still freaked out about the presentations going well, as I usually do.

So first day. Wake up, go to work, eagerly await going to the convention. Worked for three hours and went to go pick up my friend and we got to the con, thankfully not having to wait at all for badges due to “panelist privileges”.  Messed around for a bit doing random stuff then did the Evangelion Fan Panel to an awesome turnout of 50 people. Got them all to do the “congratulations” video as I tend to do for my fan panels and had a really awesome time talking about Evangelion with the crowd.

Hung out with friends and went to panels more during Friday, visited the dealer’s hall and played some video games to kill time. Second panel came around and after a 25 minute delay due to both seating issues and technical issues the show got on the road and we were able to finish within the allotted time. Lots of fun laughing at hentai and dojin lines and I had an incredible full room with an overflow line (120+ people). Seeing those lines for my panels is always something mind boggling to me. Met up with someone from “the internet” and unfortunately since I was tired as HELL didn’t hang out with them much. Was glad they made time to come out to see me though.

Went to friend’s house. Slept. Woke up. Spent the morning with other friends and hanging out at panels, a few more visits to the dealer’s hall. After lunch got my stuff for my last panel… and then the con was evacuated due to a fire. It’s the second time that’s ever happened (first time where I actually had to evacuate) at a convention that I’ve gone to. It was crazy. Met some cool people and hung out on the fifth floor of the Residence Inn (it was a completely random floor). Thankfully got back in time for my panel.

Wasn’t QUITE a full room for my last panel but I still had 120 people and was floored at the amount of people who wanted to come out and see what I had to say. It went to time with extra content due to a bit of a delay, and more people took cards to hopefully see what I had to write about and say on my twitter. After that, more hanging out and wandering around.

Unfortunately, after talking with so many friends and having them all say something to the effect of “I don’t want to run into x person because of y reason”, I JUST SO HAPPENED to come across the one person I didn’t really ever want to see again (which is a story for another time, you can be sure). Didn’t get me down, still got to panels and saw friends. Saw a few people on Saturday who I wasn’t expecting to see and was pleasantly surprised by.

Additionally on Saturday, twice in a short period of time I was recognized by a few individuals who had been to my panels. They knew my name and because I’m bad with faces and such I didn’t know if I was supposed to know them or not (to the girl who I saw in line, Linda, I apologize for making a fool of myself, sorry for not talking to you more). This is to be expected though, I guess, once I have that many people coming out to my panels. It still feels a little surreal to me.

Went back home after more games; dropped friend off at his house and went all the way back to mine. Didn’t think I was feeling Sunday. Changed my mind on Sunday. Went back and got a few books in the charity auction, even if I paid a little bit more than I would’ve liked. Didn’t see anyone else so came back and wrote this. Time to wait for the next convention which is PROBABLY going to be Anime Expo unless I can find a con close to me still accepting panels which happens before July.

To the point of going home a day early, it’s not like I didn’t like the convention. It’s not like seeing the person I didn’t want to see made me want to leave the con. I was just… kind of satisfied? You know? It WAS quite a bit of effort getting back on Sunday for honestly not a lot of return. It was still a really fun convention where I saw mostly who I wanted to see, did all of my panels to a resounding success, got to meet a few new people thanks to my panels (who I’ll hopefully be able to talk to again online), and didn’t spend an obscene amount of money to do it all.

Can’t wait to go to more cons and do more panels. I always love doing them and I really enjoy the people who come up and talk to me afterwards. Unfortunately don’t think I’m getting to many this year for multiple reasons but I’ll still try my best anyway. Maybe I should write more about topics to make panels… hm…

Anyway. Thanks to everyone who came out to my panels. It’s extremely encouraging to see response like that all the time. I wish I could’ve gotten to know those who talked to me a bit better but con schedules are hectic. Maybe next time. UNTIL THEN however I’ll be looking forward to the next con wherever it may be.




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