Top 6 Recent Overrated Anime

A lot of anime have aired recently and of course none of them are any good but somehow people think they ARE good. So I’m going to dispel that notion using a lot of logic and reasons and analytics and stuff to prove why none of these shows are actually good in the first place.


1 – Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


Yeah I don’t know why people would want to watch a bunch of pretty boys do rakugo for twenty minutes a week. There’s no action nor do I want to be any of these characters. Plus like it’s made by DEEN so that disqualifies it from being any good.

2 – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable


Part 3 suffered a slight decline in the quality from Part 2 so Part 4 is definitely worse because there isn’t even an American MC and we saw how THAT turned out in the last part. Dio’s not even in this part either I heard??? I’ve seen enough of the show already to know it’s trash.

3 – Hibike! Euphonium


It’s a show about the dumb moe girls doing things in a band which we’ve already seen so many times. I mean look at the characters, they look exactly the same as K-on??? I don’t get it, why would anyone put their faith in KyoAni anymore now that they don’t make knock out shows like Munto?

4 – Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid


Some specific people on anitwitter kept making SUCH a big deal out of this show I decided to go check it out and the praise it’s receiving I understand but I just don’t think it’s really a show for me. Too many themes that go right over my head and the dense plot elements kind of put me to sleep.

Alright that’s it, those are my top 3 anime of the Fall 2013 season. So give them a shot because my list isn’t budging from where it is right now, probably. Thanks for reading and stuff.


3 thoughts on “Top 6 Recent Overrated Anime

  1. >notion using a lot of logic and reasons and analytics and stuff to prove
    I do not really see any logic and reasons on hating the shows you’ve listed. Rakugo is not about really pretty boys doing some form of entertainment. The bare bones of the show are human tensions and drama that goes behind the scenes. Agreeing with fact – some interactions b/w the male characters at times come of as weird (yaoi undertones) but that doesn’t discourage the impact the series has left off.

    Plus, I really despise how you can write off a series looking at the studio name DEEN. Rakugo is more than what it looks like and if you still do not understand the complex tones and feelings it conveys go through episodic discussions on r/anime. On a bonus note, the historical value of the show itself is pretty high and accurate.


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