Serial Experiments Lain and the Future

Hey everyone, back again with another Lain post that I’ve had floating around in my head for a while. This post is going to be more based in speculation and how I think Lain relates to things that may come down the line – more of a brain dump for my own benefit as well as anyone who’s had similar thoughts. I continue to be obsessed with Lain and continue to want to learn more and think about it more – like I’ve mentioned previously I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of writing about the show. That kind of looking to the future is partially what inspired this article anyway. I think there’s a lot that could be said in regards to Lain and how society and technology may continue to advance forward.


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Serial Experiments Lain and Rumors

Hey everyone, been a pretty slow year so far for the blog posts. I’ve been steadily gathering ideas from new shows I’ve been watching as well as getting inspiration from other sources and while I can’t say I’m going to go full force and start writing an article a week, I can say that I have been wanting to write about Lain more. I hope I always have Lain as a source of inspiration because I feel like there’s still so much I’d like to write about it that I just haven’t gotten to yet. For now, though, I’ll focus on the Rumors aspect of the show, which just so happens to be LAYER 08’s name as well.


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Character Focus: Chitose Karasuma


Hello everyone, back with another recent(ish) character that I really thought I should write about. Girlish Number turned out to be one of my favorite shows of 2016 for a myriad of reasons, chief among them being that my sense of humor is actually pretty dark at times so a cynical show like this (from the same author of OreGairu, no less) was up my alley in a pretty big way. And Chitose was a major contributor to that. I realize that it was playing up the cynicism to a severe degree, but that’s what made it so entertaining and I think that even in the steeped cynicism of the show, Chitose came out on top (We won! A HA HA HA HA HA)

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Character Focus: Kururi Futamaru


Hey everyone – it’s been a while since my last Character Focus. Hell, it’s been a while since my last article. But I’ve been watching some more stuff and I found some more inspiration to write. Funny enough it came from one of the least likely places I would have thought – Scorching Ping Pong Girls, a show from Fall of 2016. It involved a lot of cute girls doing ping pong things. But hidden within that was actually some very good character development, at some points even reminding me of Ping Pong: The Animation with its writing. One that stood out the most was the green haired gothic lolita, Kururi Futamaru


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Makoto Shinkai is NOT the New Miyazaki

There are NO SPOILERS for either director’s work in this article. 

Hey everybody, been a while since I’ve written something. As I haven’t really watched too many shows this season, I haven’t been really focusing on the “Character Focus” section of the blog and while I MAY want to write something soon, I want to finish the show before I approach it. ANYWAY. This is about something else. Something I thought had been put to rest a few years ago, but something that apparently rears its head from time to time whenever Shinkai is back in the news. And of course, that is the comparison between Hayao Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai. It seems like with the success of your name, the comparisons are coming up yet again and I wanted to voice my opinion on the matter.


Image from “your name”, 2016 film by Makoto Shinkai

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Update of the Opinions

Hey everyone, another update here.

Gonna make this small enough to fit into a single paragraph. Basically, I feel like the criteria I have set for myself on the “Character Focus” have kind of limited me to a very small pool of characters that are almost exhausted, or ones that I would need to rewatch the series to write properly on. So they’ll be moving away from a “bi-weekly” format. I don’t know if I’ll replace them yet, I’m hoping to continue on with some other kind of semi-regular article that isn’t reviews. Good news though, I’m doing at least 3 panels at Anime USA 2016, so come check me out if you’re there! Thanks as always for reading.

Random Thoughts on “your name”


As promised in my Anime Expo article, I will be talking about Makoto Shinkai’s new movie “your name”. I took some time to think about whether I wanted to write this in the first place; given that I have no one to talk about it with outside a select few thousand people who viewed it at Anime Expo with me, where I had the pleasure and the ability to watch it a month and a half before anyone else. But I decided that I really wanted to see what my own thoughts were like when jolted down given my single viewing and then hopefully compare them when the movie actually releases and I’m able to watch it over and over and over again. So, yes, there will be spoilers so only read if you’re morbidly curious about the movie itself.


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